WHAT: Quest Protein Bars are HIGH fiber, low-carb protein bars that come in the most incredible flavors of all time (think chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies & creme, cinnamon roll…) MINUS the sugar, bellyache-inducing “sugar alcohols” or other JUNK-filled ingredients.


WHY: Although I try to avoid eating bars regularly, this is personally one of my favorite bars to eat while traveling because of the relatively short list of quality ingredients in this 170-200 calorie snack (whey protein, fiber, almonds, and stevia are the main ingredients in most of the flavors). I like that they have a specific stevia -sweetened line of bars rather than using an artificial sweetener. The extremely high amount of fiber (about 17-20 grams/bar derived from a plant source) is a huge chunk of the US Dietary Guidelines recommended 25 grams/women and 38 grams/men daily fiber intake.


WHERE: Quest bars seem to be everywhere these days (health food stores, gyms, quickie marts… you name it.) But you can also find online on their website, Amazon, or GNC. They are about $2.39/bar or $24.99/box of 12 bars.


Oh, and if you let your bar get a little warm… realllly tastes like you’re eating cookie dough. It’s amazing!

THE VERDICT: Bars are not meant to replace the nutrients of fresh healthy meal, however, we all have those crazy days while working or traveling that fresh food is not an option. High protein, low-carb bars such as Quest are a great filling option that will keep you satisfied and satiated.