WHAT: Axia3 ProDigestive Antacid is a great chewable mint that immediately relieves heartburn, indigestion and exercise-induced acid reflux.

WHY: I like this antacid because of it’s natural approach to immediate relief while also supporting healthy digestion. By combining digestive enzymes (Protease – for the breakdown of proteins, Amylase – breakdown of carbohydrates, Lipase – breakdown of fats) with Sodium Bicarbonate (fast relief) and Calcium Carbonate (long-lasting relief) it’s not only helping to alleviate pain but also support digestion and how well you absorb nutrients out of the food you eat.

Use of typical over-the-counter antacids sets off a horrible chain reaction that BLOCKS the release of gastric acid which then BLOCKS the release of digestive enzymes that breakdown the food we eat… causing more damage and worsening heartburn with each use!

Mini chewable tablet roll is great for on-the-go

WHERE: can be found at your local health food store in the vitamin/supplement section or online on Amazon, $8.99 for tin of 45 chewable tablets