nona limVegetable broth based French Onion Soup is made from scratch, with small-batch made caramelized onions.

WHAT: Nona Lim is a healthy soup/rice noodle/broth company, and their approach says it all, “Our purpose is to make simple, delicious food that is clean and convenient. I don’t know what more I’m looking for than that!

nona lim beanNona Lim All Bean Chili soup

WHY: Gluten- and dairy-free, vegan soups that use organic produce sourced from local Bay Area Farms (Nona Lim is Oakland, CA based). All of the soups are made from scratch using whole, fresh vegetables, homemade stock, and real spices and then frozen for shipping (this keeps them fresh since there are NO PRESERVATIVES). This is freshness you can taste, without the time and mess of homemade soup.

nona lim 2Check out all of the Nona Lim flavors here

WHERE: Available at Whole Foods Market or order online at Nona Lim, case of 6 soups for $36

nona lim carrotCarrot Ginger soup

THE VERDICT: I love these soups, they’re so easy to keep in the fridge for a quick delicious dinner. My favorite is the French Onion soup (the caramelized onions are sooo good!), this particular soup is really light so it’s easy to play up if you want something more filling or keep as is for light snack or meal. I also love the Carrot Ginger soup (ginger is great for strengthening the immune system because of it’s natural anti-bacterial properties, as well as, anti-inflammatory to alleviate sore throat and congestion!