WHAT: Nutiva O’Coconut is a new bite-size, lightly sweetened coconut treat (think similar to a macaroon) that just came onto the market in April. They come in the Classic Coconut flavor as well as a nutty Hemp & Chia flavor (which contains additional healthy omega-3 fats).


WHY: Organic, fair trade, and non-GMO – O’Coconut snacks resemble a macaroon but have the health benefits from coconut oil (each snack boasts 1.5 teaspoons of coconut oil). These 60 calorie treats are made without soy, corn, or cane sugar – all of which I appreciate for both digestion and avoided GMO’s (*Genetically Modified Organisms, aka “Frankenfood“, are believed to cause an increase in food allergies and other gut-based illness = AVOID THEM!).

For more info on the benefits of COCONUT OIL click HERE.

WHERE: These are new on the market so be patient, they’re popping up at select Whole Foods Markets or you can buy online, $.89/1 treat or $21.36/24 treats


coconut-butter2Coconut butter

THE VERDICT: I really enjoyed this chewy and tasty little O’Coconut treat. I also love Nutiva’s Coconut Manna (which combines the oil and the “meat” of the coconut to make a rich, creamy coconut butter)!