WHAT: Benedetta Fresh Aroma-Therapeutics makes THE BEST “life-changing” SEAWEED BATH… no joke it’s the best bath EVER, period. And that’s before you learn how incredibly healing it is for your body.

 seaweedNO JOKE about Benedetta’s claim that this bath is “life-changing”… every bath feels like a trip to the spa!

WHY: This DETOXIFYING bath is made with organic, biodynamic (ecological, social and economic sustainability), farm-sourced ingredients: 3 types of IODINE-rich seaweed (Red Seaweed, Bladderwrack, and Brown Algae), which help support thyroid function and regulate metabolism; and a therapeutic essential oil blend, which is designed to strengthen the body’s immune system by removing toxins from the body. Important notes so you don’t freak out… the bath has a slight dark greenish-brown tint to it, smells a little like the ocean, and be prepared to SWEAT like crazy (you’re detoxing!)


WHERE: I found Benedetta Fresh Aroma-Therapeutics at The Ferry Building when I was visiting San Francisco. It is also available online on their website, and Amazon; $9/single bath, or $42/6 baths.

THE VERDICT: Firstly, I’m obsessed with baths – nothing like a nice long soak in a sea salt bubble bath after yoga. With that said, this is THE BEST bath I’ve ever taken in my life. I feel like I’m getting the detox benefits of being in a sauna (because of the sweat dripping down my face). You can literally feel your pores open up (cleansing the lymphatic system by increasing movement of the blood)! The essential oil smells and feels amazing on your skin (both hydrating and healing properties). PS – how cute is the seashell measuring scoop that comes with the bath?!