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TURMERIC milk from Almond Milk LA – The “Queen of Spices” is known for powerful antioxidant benefits, it’s anti-inflammatory properties for pain, digestive issues, and joint health; and also great for beautiful glowing skin.

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WHAT: Almond Milk LA is a CONVENIENT and  FRESH handmade dairy- and soy- free almond milk that is currently available in the Los Angeles area. Almond Milk LA makes delicious flavors – Original (just almonds, water, and pink sea salt), Honey (raw organic wildflower honey, naturally), Cacao (my favorite superfood!, also containing raw honey), Lavender (very interesting, also containing vanilla … nice combo), and Turmeric (this one also has a light touch of raw honey).


WHY: This raw, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free almond milk is an incredible dairy-soy- free milk alternative. Almond milk is made by soaking almonds, blending with water, and straining (time consuming + messy!); and contains the nutrients of almonds such as high protein, antioxidants, and essential vitamins & minerals (zinc, magnesium, vitamin E, selenium, iron, to name a few). Lightly sweetened with raw organic wildflower honey, they’re seriously the PERFECT amount of sweetness!

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WHERE: Available for home delivery in the Los Angeles area, otherwise available at Erewhon Market, and local farmer’s markets.$16-20/quart bottle, $8-$10/ “skinny” pint, or $4.75 for a mini bottle (the perfect portion size!) Order Here!

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THE VERDICT: I absolutely love Almond Milk LA! I’ve been wanting to try these ALKALINE nut milks for a while, and I was finally able to get my hands on the Turmeric and Cacao flavors at Erewhon Market. The Cacao flavor was unbelievable (it’s healthy chocolate milk), while the Turmeric flavor (I loved it personally) takes a little bit of adjusting to this likely unfamiliar taste. However, knowing how nutritious turmeric is for you (skin, digestion, anti-aging)… makes it exponentially more enjoyable! Oh and MINI BOTTLES — straight to my heart! I love these tiny bottles for on the go, and help with a little portion control (yep, they’re that good!) Thank you Almond Milk LA 🙂