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WHAT: The Honest Co. (started by a team including actress Jessica Alba) offers eco-friendly baby diapers, wipes, bath and body care products; non-toxic cleaning products; and NEW line of health & wellness supplements (made free of: common allergens like gluten, nuts, soy, GMOs, synthetic additives & fillers, pesticides, heavy metals & other questionable contaminants)


WHY: Free of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, chlorine, lead & formaldehyde… how scary to think all of that is “normal” to be put in the products we put on and in our bodies! With an affordable price point (especially in the wellness market) + convenience + the effectiveness of these CLEAN products = trusted products whether they’re for you personally, or your family.


WHERE: Once a subscription-only service, now Honest products can be found all over town – Whole Foods, Nordstroms, Bed Bath Beyond, and of course on their website. *** About 150 Honest products from The Honest Co. will be sold at all Target stores and on Target’s website starting June 15

HC5THE VERDICT: I’ve only been able to get my hands on a few of the Honest product, the Face & Body Lotion and Travel Wipes. I use the face & body lotion for a daytime lotion because it’s light and feel very breathable/not pore clogging. I always carry around the small travel packet of the plant-based,  fragrance-free ( this is HUGE for me), hypo-allergenic (easy on sensitive skin) wipes for a quick face “wash” after hot yoga. Both of these are products I continue to use on a regular basis. Once I get a few of the cleaning products I’ll report back on their results!

Honest Co 1

HC2Alba and partner, Christopher Gavigan