WHAT: DoMatcha is an organic Japanese Green Tea powder that is packed with in fiber, vitamins and minerals that help to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels.

matcha green

WHY: DoMatcha is free of pesticides, herbicides and other chemical additives… just pure, clean Japanese green tea.  Green tea is known for it’s incredible health benefits including: anti-aging, cancer-fighter (from the high level of antioxidants*, which prevent the damage of our cells that leads to aging and disease), fat-burner (boosting your metabolism and ability to burn calories), detoxification AND energy booster (less caffeine than coffee but gives a great non-jittery boost). The health benefits of matcha green tea are greater than green tea because this condensed form of green tea allows you to ingest the whole leaf not just the brewed water (1 glass of matcha is equivalent to 10x the nutritional and antioxidant levels of green tea).


matcha1Single serving matcha green tea packets are great for on-the-go and traveling!

WHERE: available at most health food stores (I bought mine at Whole Foods Market), and on their website $28.99-$41.99 for 2.8 oz. tin (about 75 servings), or $45.99 for 24 single serving packets

matchatry adding matcha powder to your smoothie for a morning energy boost

THE VERDICT: I am a MAJOR fan of MATCHA! A matcha almond milk latte is one of my absolute favorite thing to drink! I have been a longtime fan of DoMatcha. The one tricky part of matcha is that it’s a little challenging to mix (unless you buy the pricey bamboo whisk and bowl)… instead I like to blend it (which creates a little frothy yumminess, and works both hot or cold). And if you like it sweeter, add in a few drops of liquid stevia.