Just PureIf you like zucchini fries but want a healthy option that still tastes great, Just Pure will be your new obsession! Photo: Vegan Cuts

 WHAT: Just Pure Foods, is a California-based, nutritious (and beyond-words DELICIOUS) veggie chip company. These gluten-free, vegan-friendly health snacks are a great replacement for nutrient-lacking chips and crackers.

Just Pure Zucchini

WHY: The produce (which is from local farms such as Tutti Frutti) in Just Pure snacks is all organic, raw* (dried at low temperatures to keep beneficial enzymes and nutrients from being destroyed) and free of chemicals and preservatives. Then seasoned with nutritional ingredients such as sprouted sunflower seeds, apple cider vinegar, and Himilayan rock salt (sea salt). Packed with vitamins C and A, pot and fiber which contribute to a healthy heart by decreasing the risk of stroke, reducing high blood pressure, and lowering cholesterol. We certainly don’t feel guilty that we can’t put these down (hey, the whole bag is under 160 calories!)

Just Pure TomatoSpicy Tomato Chips

WHERE: The growing list of flavors includes: zucchini strips, onion rings, spicy tomato chips, and cheesy kale chips and they are available at health food stores (we found ours at Erewhon Natural Foods Market); pricey $7/bag… but we found them on sale HERE.

Just Pure OnionsCrispy Onion Rings

THE VERDICT: Seriously can’t get enough of Just Pure Foods! The “seasoned zucchini strips” are so good it was hard to convince myself to even try the other flavors (crispy onion rings come in 2nd place). They’re crunchy (like a chip), low calorie (the whole bag is 140-160 calories – and it isn’t small!), and full of nutrients and enzymes.