1. Incredible source of protein:

Quinoa is a complete protein, meaning it contains all 9 essential amino acids, which cannot be made by the body and therefore must come from food.

2. Rich in vitamins:

In addition to its high iron content, quinoa is loaded with magnesium, calcium, fiber, manganese, folate, vitamin B6 and phosphorous. A true power source of health, this vitamin team is proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.


3. Weight loss

It is a complex carbohydrate with low glycemic index, good for weight management. While quinoa isn’t a low-calorie food, it does promote satiety because of its high protein and fiber content, which helps control your overall calorie intake.

4. Gluten-free

Although quinoa is commonly used in place of grains, it is a seed, making it both gluten and wheat free. As a gluten free and wheat free flour, quinoa is a great option for baking. It’s creamy and slightly nutty flavor a delicious addition to any bread, muffin, and pancake recipe.


5. Quick and easy:

Quinoa takes less time than rice. Bring two parts water and one part quinoa to a boil; reduce to a simmer, cover and simmer for about 15 minutes. You’ll know quinoa is done when all the water is absorbed and the white spiral germ has separated.