Aztec Secret

WHAT: Aztec Secret makes an incredible skin-healing clay mask made from 100% natural bentonite clay, with claims to be “world’s most powerful facial“…

WHY: The Indian Healing Clay is a powder-form of bentodite clay*(known for its natural treatments of problem skin, removal of impurities and anti-aging skin tightening benefits) that is mixed with liquid to form a powerful facial mask. With no additives and no fragrances, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay stands up to it’s claims of “world’s most powerful facial” by lifting the pimple/blackhead into the clay pack (and out of your skin!). Another wonderful benefit of using bentodite clay is that it contains over 50 minerals which are nourishing to the skin and also accelerate healing!

Aztec-SecretPhoto: Using a clay mask twice a week will draw out impurities and excess oil from the skin while also reducing pore size and providing a dose of minerals for the skin.

WHERE: Find it on their website as well as Amazon; $8.10 for 1 lb jar (10-15 facials)

Aztec Secret

THE VERDICT: I love Aztec Secret! Not only is this an affordable home facial mask – but it works better than the majority of those fancy, expensive ones from department stores (that are usually filled with fragrances and chemicals).

I like to make my clay packs by mixing with a small amount of apple cider vinegar* (the alpha hydroxyl acids in apple cider vinegar help unclog skin pores and dissolve dead skin cells) or water to form a paste. Then apply for about fifteen minutes (if you have sensitive skin start with just 5 minutes and work your way up), you literally can feel your skin start to “pulsate” and tighten. I notice when I use this mask 2x/ week I can immediately tell a difference in my skin’s appearance (especially impurities).