Justin's AB     A favorite on-the-go snack, single serving almond butter squeeze packs

WHAT: Justin’s makes a delicious line of nut butters and nut butter-based treats (hello almond butter cups!!) . They carry a range of almond butter and peanut butter flavors, and even a hazelnut butter.

Justin's ABAside from the perfect Classic nut butter flavor there is also Maple, Chocolate,Vanilla and Honey

WHYJustin’s nut butters, peanut butter cups, and chocolate candy bars are gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan (expect for the honey flavor nut butters). Made from dry roasted almonds/peanuts, and Palm Fruit Oil* (this sustainably-harvested vegetable oil is used to minimize the oil separation, so you don’t have to break your arm trying to stir the jar), nut butters are a great source of protein and fiber (leaving you feeling satisfied for hours but not stuffed). If you’re looking for no sugar or salt added, the Classic flavor is just for you!

Justin's AB

WHERE: Find at Justin’s , Whole Foods Market, and Erewhon Natural Foods Market, $11.99/(10) squeeze packs, $11.99/16 oz nut butter jar, $4.99 (6) MINI squeeze packs – only 80 calories/each!

Justin's AB miniMINI squeeze packs are great portion size snack for on-the-go/travel – only 80 calories/each!

THE VERDICT: I love Justin’s for both the taste and convenience. As much as I love the taste of the flavored nut butters, I stick to the Classic flavor (alright and the Maple when I need something sweet) because there’s no added sugar or salt. It’s so easy to buy a stash of the single-serving squeeze packs (or even better the mini packs) to have on hand when your schedule gets crazy or you’re traveling and know you won’t have time for a meal.

Justin's cups2

Also check out Justin’s Organic chocolate peanut butter cups if you want a healthier version of this favorite treat!

Justin's cups