WHAT: Kopali’s Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs are delicious chocolate superfood treats that are nutrient-dense (thank to the antioxidant-packed raw cacao nibs) and eco-friendly (fair trade).

WHY: Organic, vegan, and fair trade* (directly supporting sustainable farmers)Kopali’s Organic Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs are grown on living soil that is free of harmful chemicals… and also incredibly DELICIOUS! Packed with nutrient-dense superfood ingredients such as cacao, goji berries, mulberries and free of refined sugars.

Raw cacao is only of the healthiest foods on the planet – rich in antioxidants, essential minerals and heart-healthy fats

WHERE: Available at most health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, and Erewhon Natural Foods Market and Sprouts.

chocolate cacao

THE VERDICT: I love the taste of these dark chocolate covered cacao beans – sweet, crunchy, and chewy. The taste is on point and so it the the brand! Kopali is big on supporting the connection between the food we eat, the farmers who grow it and protecting the ecosystems which grow our foods. Chocolate is not low in calories so watch your portion control, but when you’re reaching for a treat, I definitely suggest reaching for Kopali!

kopali-chocolate-bananasAlso check out Kopali’s other chocolate treats: chocolate covered espresso beans, chocolate covered goji berries, chocolate covered banana, and chocolate covered mulberries. Mmmmm!