WHAT: blk. is a fulvic acid-enhanced mineral water that is praised for being an alkaline, electrolyte health drink.

blk. is an organic source of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids for energy, metabolism and detoxification!

WHY: blk. water is an organic, virtually tasteless, mineral water infused with fulvic trace minerals* (one of the most powerful electrolytes, which “transport nutrients directly into your cells” and turn the water dark without dyes or coloring). This alkaline health beverage is great for restoring body’s electrolytes* (salts that are often lost in our sweat when we exercise) and hydration. Most water we buy is filtered, which removes the health-restoring minerals along with the chemical is pulls out. blk. water adds the specific minerals our body needs back into the water, giving your body the building blocks to feel great!


WHERE: Available at most health food stores such as Whole Foods Market, Erewhon Natural Foods Market ,and Bristol Farms and other retailers such as BevMo.

blkAlso check out the flavored mineral waters!

THE VERDICT: I personally love to drink blk. water when I feel depleted from a strenuous workout, or a headache coming on. This supercharged vitamin and mineral drink always seems to take the edge off and liven me back up.