You have to check this out! Follow my amazingly talented, beautiful and fun (… I don’t think I need to mention her incredibly adventurous spirit, haha, but yes she is that too!) friend Ruth on her adventure around the world – 14 countries in 88 days! So excited!!

Roaming With Ruth

I quit my big corporate job and will be going on a Round the World (RTW) trip for 3 months! Follow me on my adventure around the world through 14 countries in 88 days. I will be stopping through the following countries sharing the high’s and low’s of each day and location: Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, USA, Thailand, Singapore, The Maldives, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Each day, I’ll be posting a quick 2-3 minute video so you can follow alongside my adventures! Be sure to subscribe on YouTube to follow along!


Ruth @RoamingwithRuth



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