healthy busy

Working out takes time so does preparing a healthy meal; add in the deadlines you have to meet, after work cocktails, late nights and early mornings, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and that’s often when our health takes the backseat. How can a person succeed at school, balance family life, work life, and still stay healthy?

Incorporate these 5 simple tips into your regular schedule to feel healthy, boost your metabolism, increase brain function and start feeling powerful from the inside out.

1. Plan your meals ahead of time.

We are all for setting ourselves up for success. Pick a day of the week (Sunday’s tend to be a great day for this) to plan meals for the week ahead, including grocery shopping and meal prep. Yes it will take a little time out of your weekend but we promise you will be thankful all week long!

meal planning

2. Bring your meals with you to work and school.

This saves time, money and inches on your waist!

meal prep

3. Consider mixing it up with smoothies and shakes for breakfast.

This is one of the best time-saving tips that also will ensure you get a nutritional breakfast. Don’t let yourself slip into the habit of skipping breakfast (slowing down your metabolism and likely to lead to overeating later in the day). Simply toss water, protein powder, kale, spinach, and berries into a blender, blend and enjoy. Easy to make, quick clean up and great energy boost for the day!

breakfast smoothie

4. Limit your consumption of booze.

Many people turn to alcohol to relax after a stressful day because it’s the easiest thing to use for comfort besides food. Beware of drinking on a regular basis, this will lead to brain fog, lethargy and forgetfulness – not to mention extra calories. How helpful is that? If you do drink here are tips to keep alcohol from ruining your diet.


5. Schedule fitness as a priority.

Making exercise a priority is something that’s beneficial to you and your own body. Instead of letting fitness feel like a chore, find a way to make it part of your routine, and keep it interesting by regularly changing activities.


We want to know – what tips help you stay healthy when you’re busy?