travel fitness

Sitting still can be very uncomfortable, especially when you’re restricted to the small space of your airplane seat. While it’s nice to get up from your seat to increase blood circulation in your body, we also love the idea of simple moves you can do without having to stroll through the aisle. By performing just a few simple moves, you give yourself a multitude of benefits: it will stretch you out, massage your internal organs, improve circulation and relieve anxiety you may experience before and during your flight.

From the editors of MindBodyGreen, check out these “6 Pilates Exercises To Help You Stay Sane On An Airplane“. (For full instructions click the article link.)

1. Imprinting

2. Chin Tilt

3. Toe Taps

4. The Sitting Hundred – (love this one!!!)

5. Calf Stretches

6. Plies/releves