1. Maple Water – Over over coconut water, there’s a new way to hydrate! With no added sugars and boast the same kind of benefits as coconut water — vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and more, maple water is something you will be seeing on the shelves in 2015.


2. Fermented Foods


3. Yacon Syrup – Derived from the yacon root, the syrup has the taste and texture of caramel/molasses. In addition to sweetening without the refined sugar, the benefits of yacon have been noted as helping manage metabolism and weight loss.


4. Activated Charcoal – Charcoal doesn’t just belong in the barbecue anymore. Chinese and Ayuredic medicine has long used activated charcoal for intestinal health and to neutralize toxins. It now has a place in your skin-care regimen, your cold-pressed juice, and your medicine cabinet, too. From Activated Greens at NYC’s Juice Generation to Charcoal Lemonade at LA’s Juice Served Here, it’s hot on the scene.


5. Seaweed – we’ve been on this one for a while for both metabolic and therapeutic benefits.