dairy nut freeWritten by: Samantha Russ

If you’re like me, you’ve had the ‘privilege’ of becoming more sensitive to foods as you age. I’ve not only benefitted from choosing to give up meat, but nuts and dairy as well.


I know almonds and walnuts have gotten their nutritional praise throughout time, but eat too much, and you will see the result show up on your face. Nuts have a lot of Omega 6’s, Omega 6’s cause inflammation and inflammation causes acne. One particularly ‘evil’ but delicious nut is the peanut. Peanut butter could be one of the best flavors of all time—it works as a cookie, an ice cream, a sandwich, even just on it’s own.

Not only are peanuts a highly contaminated crop (generally containing aflatoxins, which can lead to liver cancer), they are usually drowning in poor-quality salt, and also increase your risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease-related cancers (like colon cancer). (check this out – Mark’s Daily Apple).


  • Luckily, if you love the taste and smell of peanut butter as much as I do, you can try Sunbutter. Sunbutter is made from sunflower seeds rather than peanuts and has 1/3 less the saturated fat. You can order here: Sunbutter.

gluten free flours


As for milk “doing the body good”—try being lactose intolerant, it might change your perception of how good it does the body. Even when not seen as a specific allergy, dairy is not something the gastrointestinal tract frequently accepts. In fact, cutting out dairy could decrease symptoms of anxiety, nausea, and stress and even help regulate sleeping patterns and energy levels.


  • For me, Coconut Milk has been a Godsend. It tastes amazing in smoothies, cereal, I even use it when a baking recipe calls for real milk. I prefer unsweetened, try So Delicious brand.


I know the Gluten-Free trend has become somewhat of a grocery store prerequisite rather than a phase, but I don’t believe in all things gluten-free. Want to know why? Because gluten-free products often contain twice the amount of sugar as products with actual gluten. I found this out the hard way a couple years ago when buying gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from Ralphs. Even now, I will walk into a health store and look at the back of a gluten free cookie and I am floored that something that tastes LESS THAN could be so many calories with so many grams of sugar.

If you want to cut out yeast, do so from the RIGHT source:


For instance, one food item filled with a bunch of nonsense is snack bars. I don’t know how they get associated with being “meal replacements”—I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a protein bar and felt like I couldn’t eat again 10 minutes later. This is the area where you can sacrifice your wheat/flour craving and search for that gluten-free label.