flybarre studio

FlyBarre at Flywheel Sports is a total-body sculpting class that combines the best of light weight training, dance and core strengthening exercises, set to amazing music. Whether you’re trying to get rid of that last inch or you just love the feeling of a strong, tight body, FlyBarre is the answer.

LA_instructorsHere’s the Los Angeles team of incredible instructors – they are so encouraging and helpful with corrections and modifications to keep me focused and working hard!

When Flybarre opened in LA about 7 months ago, I immediately became a fan of this intense full body workout. Not only is Flybarre extremely fun and very different (warning this is NOT your average barre class) from any other workout I’ve taken (and I’ve taken quite a lot…), but the results are almost instantaneous. HOW does one class create such instant toning? By fatiguing each muscle group to exhaustion (light weights with lots of repetition) combined with stretching breaks down the muscles and help them to build back longer and stronger!

flybarre karaPhoto: Flybarre Master instructor Kara Liotta via Well + Good

So what exactly happens at the barre? The first couple of minutes packed with planks and push-ups will get your muscles warm and your heart rate up.  The fast-paced class utilizes the resistance of the body, the ballet barre, and some other small tools, such as small weights, a resistance band, and small rubber ball. FlyBarre tones the body head to toe, focusing on those areas we all love to hate; abs, buns, and (ouch!) thighs.  With not just one core segment, but three, your ab muscles are sure to burn!